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I had fifty ideas for poems in the car before I got home. I hate poems, and so I guess it's good that I forgot them all. They probably would have been sucky anyway.

"About 9.92 days" is how long I have left of Gold. I love when the word "about" comes before a very specific number. I'm hanging out for the day when I can use the phrase "about Pi" as an approximation. I don't know what happens in about 9.92 days' time. Perhaps it's something like Y2K; my computer will explode and I'll have to eat canned beans. I know for sure I won't be pulling out my credit card this year, anyway.

My life is moving further and further away from the internet. Updating my blogs is a chore now, not the highlight of my day. I prefer living my life to exaggerating it in words.

I'm outta here. I might be back; if I am, it will be with a different name, fo sho. I never was catfish19 anyway. In the meantime, I'll always be at:

Now, that's what I call shameless self-promotion!

1:20 a.m. - 2005-11-01


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